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ADSIR (China)

Founded in 2017, ADSIR (China) is affiliated to ADSIR GROUP, which is China-Malaysia integrated international enterprise service platform. The group is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and the Chinese headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Positioned to serve the globalization of Chinese enterprises, ADSIR (China) provides a full range of export services for both domestic and international well-known companies, traditional industrial and trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce enterprises. ADSIR (China) covers three core sections “Adsir International Supply Chain, Adsir Cloud Commerce and Adsir Cloud-Warehouse ”.As an innovative international supply chain company, ADSIR always adhere to the important service concepts of "information, resources and value".We are committed to optimizing and outputting distinctive international supply chain management solutions to help global partners to achieve sustainable development of international business.

Adsir International Supply Chain 

Adsir International Supply Chain is the provider of global delivery and cross-border logistics. We are committed to building an international supply chain management platform based on Malaysia business advantage and government resources,cross-border full-chain warehouse and logistics resources, technology and services concept and cross-border e-commerce enterprises and traditional industrial and trade enterprises services. Adsir International Supply Chain mainly provides with the services of international logistics, overseas warehouse, supplier management and consulting and legal financial and taxation affairs of emerging market.

Adsir Cloud Commerce 

Relying on local layout and infrastructure of ADSIR GROUP in Malaysia, Adsir Cloud Commerce focuses on brand globalization and builds a solid bridge for Chinese brands going abroad.The brand value will be enhanced by systematic construction provided by Adsir. More Chinese overseas brands’influence can be enhanced so as to maximize the commercial value of the brand. Adsir Cloud Commerce focuses on overseas services of brands and professional seller and provides diversified short video marketing and overseas live streaming.

Adsir Cloud Warehouse

Adsir Cloud Warehouse is committed to providing one-stop supply chain solutions for Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises based on overseas warehouse in southeast Asia. The services we provide include but not limited to logistics, overseas transit warehouse, delivery and transshipment, dropshipping, overseas clearance, overseas distribution, return and exchange of commodity and after-sales service.

To be the power behind the giant is Adsir's persistent goal!

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